Monday, October 22, 2012

Where has time gone?

I think the older I get, the more I realize that time quickly passes. I remember when I was a kid, it seemed like my day took forever, and my birthday wouldn't be here until 10 years passed, and Christmas... well, that was just never ever everrrrrrr going to hurry and get here. Now, it's only in a matter of minutes that it's a holiday, another season passes and one comes to replace it, my birthday comes and goes and age is nothing but another number... you know, times flies
And I don't like that. 
But it's inevitable, with every passing second... time, well, passes. But today, I've thought a lot about making those seconds count for all they're worth. Why not? What do I have to lose but time? There is something in the art (yes, I do believe that it's an art nowadays) of slowing down, smelling the flowers, listening to the wind, stopping to actually talk/listen to someone, etc. It just feels good. 
I never want to forget how valuable time is. My time, your time, their time... time. I'm currently in a busy season of life, but I don't want to look back at it and not remember it because I let it fly by. I've challenged myself to take notes of things happening, to write letters, to meet with people for coffee (yes, face to face dates and actually conversing with real life people - what a concept), to go for long walks without my phone in hand, to sit and watch nature, to enjoy the peace and quiet of driving w/o my ipod playing...
It's lovely. 
Never forget to slow down. It's valuable and I seriously believe it's necessary for our own well being. 
Take the time people.. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainy Mondays.

Let's be honest. Life can get pretty boring... and I feel like I'm in a boring season. 
I mean, I've stayed busy and I'm working my butt off because I just started school - but today I was thinking, "Dang, nothing exciting has happened lately." 
Then I decided I'd look through my photos and was quickly reminded that, actually, though semi-non eventful, I've got a lot to be grateful for and happy about. 

When I was in 7th grade, I decided that I wanted to paint my room bright green & pink. Yes. It looked like a watermelon. I remember my mom trying to talk me out of it, and I wish I would've listened to her. (It's true - moms are ALWAYS right!) In high school, I ended up in a different room in the house and just recently moved back to the watermelon room. After a year of putting up with the horrid colors, I decided it was about time to paint. 
And here's the end result.
Peace. Calm. And a good night's rest. 

I get to nanny the coolest child in the world. 

This is my friend, in the middle of trying to fake laugh so that I could get a non-awkward smiling photo of her. Still awkward, Mad. Haha. 

I work with a company called The Invisible Hostess - my favoritest job in the world!!!! I asked these two lovely people to come on board with us and lookie here - I got to work an event with these ladies! Ash & MacKenna - you guys were amazing! 

Look at our little Seahawks baby. She was pretty happy about that victory over the Patriots yesterday. 

First time at RockBox and I LOVED it. Such a fun thing... and no, I didn't karaoke, I just sat around and enjoyed everyone else. I'm not much of a singer, though I like to think I can...

And yes. Molly Moons for the win. Love their seasonal Coconut Chunk! YUMMO.

Those are my random thoughts on this rainy Monday. 

nothing short of an adventure.

{i remind myself of this when i feel tired}

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morning, Interepputed.

So I'm house-sitting this week. 
All is well. Nothing to complain about.
I'm getting ready to leave for work, walk out the front door and am greeted by a busted car window.
And my backpack stolen out of the car.
Out of the car, that's not mine.
And if that wasn't too much for me at 6:30 in the morning..
I go to try and start my car,
andddddd nothing happens.
Sometimes, our mornings get interrupted and we have to learn how to choose joy instead of wanting to wring someone's neck. 
It took me awhile. 
Ok, scratch that. 
It's taking me awhile. 

God bless the person who broke a window with a cement block, to steal a backpack that has nothing in it but my school notes. 
Maybe they'll learn something about skincare. Or just find my backpack a piece of crap and throw it back on the front yard.

Happy Thursday, hope yours started out better than mine!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Rosie & Mad - I'm soooo happy you were born! I celebrate you :)