Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Dreams Scare Me.

Dreams are scary. Especially dreams that you have absolutely no idea how they are ever supposed to come about. But when that happens, I think of all the dreamers I know that made their dreams reality. And then I find a little peace... right before I get scared out of my mind all over again.

Lately I've been dreaming about what's to come. I enjoy where I'm at in life right now, but I know there's way more for me than what I'm doing now. I'm at a point in my life right now where I can feel a shift coming, but don't know what it is, or when it is. I hate not knowing

So, yeah, most times I'm scared out of my mind with the possibilities my life could bring me. But its good... it's a good scare. And I can put up with that.

dream big folks. let it scare the shit out of you.