Sunday, February 23, 2014

Catching Up

A lot has happened in the past couple months, since I haven't been blogging. 

See this cute little baby? My brother & sis in law had another baby girl, Amelia Grace

and here she is 3 months later giggling and dancing. 

Pj & I spent our 1 year in November at Portage Bay Cafe - one of my favorite brunch spots in Seattle.

One of my best friends got married to the man of her dreams (not pictured, sorry Pierce). Love you Rosie!

And this other bff of mine got engaged! Exciting times all around! 

Pj & I spent his bday in San Diego and all over LA. He'd never been before so that was super fun to get to show him around. We also got some really good sunburns. Gooooood times.

...and that's all the catch up for now. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I need SUN

Once upon a time, I lived in the middle of the desert. Literally. That ostrich and all that dirt behind me in this picture is proof of that. I remember when this picture was taken.. Sydney came down to visit me, and the first thing we did was visited the ostrich farm.
It's a random memory that came to mind and I think it came to mind because of how sun deprived I've been. And so I thought back to happier days - my California days that were full of sunshine, tanned skin and lots of iced drinks. 

I need that again.

I keep bothering Pj (my boyfriend! have i mentioned him yet or has it been wayyyy too long since i've updated this blog? whoops) about taking me someplace warm. Anywhere. I'll even go for a day just to sit in the sun. Pj is probably so annoyed with me, and all my travel desires (Thailand, anyone?) don't really line up with our "saving money plan." 

So my days have been full of travel planning, well fake travel planning, looking at old photos of me in the sun, and continuously eyeing groupon for any kind of vacation deal.. or tanning. Yes, I did buy a tanning package for those days I desperately need warmth. Oh dear. 

Anyway, glad to be back blogspot. Xo.